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Published: Aug 2, 2019

A Study on Banking Service through Customer Service Point: An Innovative Approach Studied in Samastipur, Bihar

1-7 Shankar Chatterjee, D.P. Singh

The Performances and Impact of Interest Rates on Stock Market In Nigeria from Year 1985 - 2013

8-15 Bature, Tajudeen Atanda, Eniayebinu, Friday Joel, Micheal, Vincent Abiodun, Isah, Umar Sanda

The Effect of Employee Engagement on The Job Performance of Nurses

16-20 Rabiatul Adawiyah Ma’arof, Norsiah Mat

HRM Practices and Job Performance: A Study among Nurses in General Hospitals

21-26 Rabiatul Adawiyah Ma’arof, Norsiah Mat