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Published: Jun 17, 2019

Modern Funding For Small Scale Business for Overall Growth of Economic Development

1-8 Augustine Sunday Oge

Compensation policy of Inter loop- evidence from Pakistan

09-16 Muhammad Mohsin

Energy Efficient Method for Resource Usage and Balancing Traffic Loads in Data Centers

28-35 Shaik Abdul Fayaz

Cost Analysis of a Knitted Garment

36-42 Mrs.D. Anita Rachel

Managing Diversity at Work- Key to Organizational Survival

43-51 Hillary O. Odor

Responsiveness of Selected Macroeconomic Variables to Government Spending In Nigeria Economy. (1981-2016)

52-67 Odubo Angonimi

Performance Assessment management using data envelopment analysis (DEA)

68-78 Tahereh Ghanbarpour Dafchahi

The Role of Organizational Capability in the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance- A Conceptual Paper

79-91 Rashdan Mohd Sallehuddin

The Effect of Fiscal Policy Shocks on Nigeria Economic Output: 1981 – 2015

92-102 Mary Bosede Olufayo

Variation in Perception, And Influence of Violence against Women-Girls on Their Sexual and Reproductive Health across Rural and Urban Cameroon

109-120 Wilfred A. Abia, Eucharia

Hydrogeochemical studies of Brahmamgari Matham Mandal, YSR (Kadapa) District – A case study

121-141 S. Srinivasa Gowd

Geohydrological and Geochemical Studies of Yerraguntla Mandal, YSR (Kadapa) District, Andhra Pradesh, using Remote Sensing Techniques

142-160 A. Rangaswamy

Leadership Competencies for Sustaining International Development Projects- Perceptions of Ghanaian Project Workers

199-212 Emmanuel Dwamena Sasu

Understanding the Impact of Self-awareness Emotional Intelligence of Project Managers in Contributing to International Development Project Success- Perspectives of Ghanaian Project Workers

213-222 Emmanuel Dwamena Sasu

Effect of Sustainability Cost Accounting on Financial Performance of Telecommunication Firms in Nigeria

223-250 Raymond A. Ezejio

Measuring Financial Literacy of University Academics

251-273 R P C R Rajapakse

Determinants of Stock Market Performance in Sri Lankan Economy

274-283 DGTM Jayasundara