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Purpose - The purpose of this research is to explain the effect of organizational culture directly and indirectly on job satisfaction of sharia bank employees through organizational commitment of leaders.

Design/Methodology/Approach - A set of questionnaires consisting of 3 variables, namely organizational culture, organizational commitment and employee job satisfaction used to collect data from 600 employees of sharia banks in East Java. There are 4 hypotheses developed to be tested concerning the effect. Hypotheses are tested using Structural Equation (SEM) PLS using the Smart PLS tool version 3.2.7.

Findings - The results of the research proved that: There is a significant positive effect on organizational culture on the job satisfaction of sharia bank employees directly and indirectly through organizational leadership commitment.

Research Limitation - This study was conducted on sharia commercial banks only even though the complete sharia banks include sharia commercial banks, sharia business units and sharia people’s credit banks, so that these limitations are not a problem for statistical generalizations but are likely to have an impact on analytical generalizations.

Originality/Value - This study examines organizational commitment from a leader’s perspective, whereas most research looks at commitment from an employee’s perspective.

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