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Despite facing global challenges, the Malaysia healthcare industry still gained greater attention in today’s business environment and have progressed a lot in providing the best health services to the patients. A lot of efforts had been made by the government as well as the organization itself in order to ensure the provision of best health services to the clients. However, within healthcare context, a quality healthcare performance depends on their human resources’ attitudes and behaviors. Therefore, job performance of nurses can be regard as mirror image of the healthcare organization since they form the biggest human resources professionals within healthcare context. Despite the various studies that have been conducted to examine the factors that affect job performance of nurses in Malaysia, this study aims to determine the relationship between Human Resource Management (HRM) practices and job performance of nurses in Malaysia general hospitals. A set of self-administrated questionnaires using matching method were distributed among nurses and their respected immediate supervisors (sisters). Multiple regression analysis has been used to test the propose hypotheses. Statistical results derived from SPSS output found a positive and significant relationship between all dimensions of HRM practices and job performance of nurses. Limitations and suggestions for future research also being includes.

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