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As per Environmental Development Commission (1978), green marketing is also a facilitator of sustainable development which means fulfilling the needs of present without ignoring the need of future generations. The main and important concept of this strategy of sustainable development is to utilize financial and ecological aspects in decision making with the help of new policies development in order to enhance environmental protection and geographical region. Green marketing strategies help both the present generation and future generation in decision making process. With the increased development of operations of energy development, strategies to control pollution, recycling and packaging of products which are included in green marketing helps in sustainable development (Ernest, Robert, Woodruff, & Roger, 1987). Green deign product begin to give the concept of green marketing. Products are manufactured on demands of customer. Product deigning and customer demand is an interface between green marketing and customer satisfaction (Fuller, 1999). The rule of green marketing is that product should be in that sense which can fulfill the need of costumers and enhance their satisfaction. It is the attribute of green branding that product should speak itself about quality.

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