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This study aims at identifying the influence of service quality factors on ATM usage. It is very important to find the determinants of service quality that mostly influence on customer adoption in using ATM. This study provides insights to facilitate banks on which factors they should focus on mostly when providing awareness to customers in ATM usage. Although there were lots of research studies have been conducted in relation to the adoption of ATM usage, notably there had been limited research done in relation to Sri Lanka particularly to Batticaloa district.

The customers of the commercial banks have been considered for this study and data were collected from 158 customers in the Batticaloa district. Eight variables of Service quality factors such as Security, Ease to use, Convenience, Reliability, Fulfillment, Responsiveness, Location of ATM & User commission were considered in this study. Among eight service quality dimensions, easy to use, fulfillment and responsiveness have significant influence on ATM Usage, and among them fulfillment has the highest influence while responsiveness has the lowest influence.

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