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Behavioural finance assumes that characteristics of market participants and information structure systematically have an influence on individuals’ investment decisions. This research paper aims at identifying the factors that influences the individual investor behaviour. Data collection is made with the help of structured questionnaires. Investment decisions have gained importance due to the general increase in employment opportunities and economic development of a nation. Mutual Funds provide a platform for a common investor to participate in the Indian capital market with professional fund management irrespective of the amount invested. The Indian mutual fund industry is growing rapidly and this is reflected in the increase in Assets under management of various fund houses. Mutual fund investment is less risky than directly investing in stocks and is therefore a safer option for risk averse investors. The main purpose of the study is to identify the role of extraversion personality affects the relationship between personality traits and investment management. However, in case of Long run Risk behaviour partially mediates the relationship of “Extraversion”, “Agreeableness”, “Openness to Experience”, and “Conscientious”.

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